Lisa Jahn-Clough is the author of three Young Adult novels and an author/illustrator of numerous picture books and the PETAL AND POPPY series of Green Light Early readers, which is a collaboration with Lisa and her husband, author/illustrator, Ed Briant. Her most recent book is the wacky collection for early middle-grade readers THE KIDS OF CATTYWAMPUS STREET (pre-order now for July 2021!!)

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- Lisa's most recent novel is NOTHING BUT BLUE (scroll down). For more information on all of her novels go to the YA Novels page.


- Lisa is well known for her charming and poignant picture books. Her very first picture book ALICIA HAS A BAD is 25 years old and still in print! For more information about all of her picture books go to the Picture Books page.


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“As I read The Kids of Cattywampus Street, I began to feel so happy, so sad, so upset, so frightened and so confused that I wondered if I had lost my mind.  

As everyone knows, this is a sign of an extraordinary book.”

  • Lemony Snicket

                        Petal and Poppy early reader series from Green Light Readers.

                                    Comic book style makes them perfect fun for the beginning reader.

                                           written by Lisa (Jahn) Clough  illustrated by Ed Briant

“A girl with no memory, a magical dog, train-hoppers, and a boy named Snake make this sharp, suspenseful book a stand-out read!"​

                    - Jack Gantos ​ Newbery Winning Author of Dead End in Norvelt



"With clipped prose of intimate detail and keen insight, Jahn-Clough crafts an authentically adolescent first-person narrative. With tight pacing, motley characters, and touches of the spiritual, this is a furious, illuminating adventure."
—Booklist Magazine

"Lisa Jahn-Clough's Nothing But Blue could fit right into Chaucer's Canterbury Tales since the young narrator is a pilgrim on a quest.  The writing is assured, the undertow seductive, the ending pitch-perfect and uplifting. Highly recommended!"​

​                                   - Ron Koertge  author of Stoner and Spaz

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