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​Levels: All ages: Pre-K through highschool, college students and teachers.​

Size of groups: Any size. Smaller classes will be more interactive and intimate, while larger auditorium presentations will usually involve a slide presentation.

Per Day: 3-4 classes/30-60 minutes. One day to one week.

Presentations: What follows is an example of several presentations and workshops, although these can all be catered to suit the needs of a particular curriculum.

    1. Two Halves of a Picture Book  (all ages)

In this presentation, Lisa discusses character and plot as they are created through both words and pictures.      She dissects one of her picture books (usually Alicia Has a Bad Day, My Friend and I, or Little Dog) by showing early drafts of art, text, storyboards, and dummies. Then Lisa outlines the book into a storyboard grid, first with text and then with art to emphasize how all elements, including design and pacing, come together to create a “whole” book.
For the younger grades Lisa will draw her characters on the board (or newsprint), for older grades, she will concentrate on the business of publishing.

This presentation shows the importance of revision as Lisa shows how each storyboard or dummy book shows changes along the way.​

     2. Writing Workshop or Writing and Illustrating Workshop  (ages 8 and up)
This workshop begins with Lisa showing examples of her own writing life and process, and how she creates characters and plot. Then she helps students create their own characters and begin to develop a story with a conflict and resolution. Younger students may be able to work on making a picture book dummy with words and pictures, and older students may begin a longer story. With all ages, Lisa will give fun writing exercises to help generate ideas.

     3. Art and Mood  (good for younger grades)

Many of Lisa’s picture books use pictures to enhance the emotions of the main characters. In this presentation, Lisa shows how her art works to tell a story that the words do not. She gives illustration tips on how to use color and shapes to express an emotion. Her book that best captures this is Little Dog. Lisa draws on the board and gives art exercises that encourage students to play and explore with the creation of a character reacting in a variety of situations.

    4. How A Writer Works  (good for older grades)

In this presentation, Lisa shares her personal story of why and how she became an author and an illustrator. She spends the first twenty minutes or so showing work from when she was young and talking about her desires and passions, comparing that to how it actually worked out. Lisa will read excerpts from her picture books and her young adult novels and discuss how many of the themes relate to her own life, even though the subjects may differ. There can be ample time for questions and answers if students have prepared by reading some of Lisa’s work.

Fees: Please contact. Fees are sometimes negotiable depending on time and location.





"Lisa Jahn-Clough's books rule. I learned a lot."​
              - Bobby, 2nd grade​

"I think Lisa's books are excellent, fantastic, wonderful, terrific, super, spectacular, delightful, marvelous, magnificent, splendid, awesome, it was so good!"​
                      - Kate, 3rd grade

"My class and I really appreciated Ms Jahn-Clough coming in. I thought it was interesting how she can draw so fast. I learned that writing isn't so bad and is fun."​
                - Amanda, 3rd grade


"Lisa gives a lot to the kids and is a wonderful presenter. She really spent time listening to them and seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself as well."​
                - 2nd grade teacher

"Our students received a real glimpse into the process of being an author and illustrator. Lisa's books and presentations are meaningful for the development of young readers and writers alike."         -  Principal, Walls School


"I did not think this talk was going to be fun at all, but she was really interesting and even inspiring!"

       - Chris, high school senior



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